Papaver, botanical vintage engraving - Vintage Nostalgia
Papaver, botanical vintage engraving

Papaver is an ornamental plant with red, pink, orange, yellow and lilac flowers and with some culinary use. Several kinds have medicinal use for their narcotic and hypnotic property. Opium, morphine and codeine are alkaloids found in several poppy varieties.

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Botanical illustration: : Cinchona officinalis - Vintage Nostalgia
Botanical illustration: : Cinchona officinalis

Antique print describing the botanical morphology of the Cinchona plant: a medicinal plant, source for quinine, native of Andean forest. Cinchona has opposite lanceolate leaves, the flowers are small in panicles and the fruit is a capsule with seeds.

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Botanical illustration: cotton plant (Gossypium} - Vintage Nostalgia
Botanical illustration: cotton plant (Gossypium}

Antique print describing the botanical morphology of the cotton plant (Gossypium): leaves, flowers and seeds in a capsule surrounded by staples used for weaving.

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Botanical illustration: Aconitum lycoctonum - Vintage Nostalgia
Botanical illustration: Aconitum lycoctonum

Antique print describing the botanical morphology of Aconitum lycoctonum, a flowering perennial plant: native of Europe and Northern Asia, poisonous with palmated leaves, dark violet flowers and fruits as capsules with seeds. It was used as arrow poison.

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