Chemistry:  producing detonating gas - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry: producing detonating gas

Producing oxyhydrogen, the detonating gas. The external cylinder was filled with acidulated water (H2SO4). In the internal cylinder the current flowing through the platinum electrodes dissociated the surrounding water in hydrogen and oxygen, that were collected together by the tiny … Continued

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Chemistry: electrolysis - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry: electrolysis

When the electrolysis was still a child…The funnel and the two single-mouthed cylinders were initially filled with slightly acidulated water (a small amount of sulphuric acid). In each cylinder was set a platinum electrode. As the contraption was connected to … Continued

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Battery – Daniell cell –  section and working asset - Vintage Nostalgia
Battery – Daniell cell – section and working asset

Middle ‘800 battery: an electric cell that produces electricity from a chemical reaction. The first battery was invented by Alessandro Volta in 1800 and then improved by Daniell in 1836

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Projection microscope - Vintage Nostalgia
Projection microscope

Illustration from middle ‘800: the “photoelectrique” in the original should not be misunderstood: in those times it meant just ‘based on electrically generated light’. The ‘real’ photoelectric effect was still below the horizon.

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Electromagnetic generator - Vintage Nostalgia
Electromagnetic generator

Illustration from middle ‘800: a not better specified electro-magnetic generator used to produce an electric arc.

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Vintage engraving, electric pump - Vintage Nostalgia
Vintage engraving, electric pump

Vintage engraving middle ‘800, one of the first pump for fluids moved by electromagnetism.

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Ruhmkorff inductor - Vintage Nostalgia
Ruhmkorff inductor

Illustration from middle ‘800: electrical transformer used to produce an alternate very high voltage from a low-voltage direct current, patented in 1851 by Heinrich Ruhmkorff, German inventor.

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Chemistry: galvanism, a chemical reaction produces electrical current - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry: galvanism, a chemical reaction produces electrical current

Battery producing electricity by chemical means.

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