Technology: small water turbine - Vintage Nostalgia
Technology: small water turbine

Gemtleman well dressed with handlebar moustache – maybe an inventor – presents a small hydraulic turbine

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Swimming lessons - Vintage Nostalgia
Swimming lessons

Swimming techniques, how to swim, different styles

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“Modern” games and sports - Vintage Nostalgia
“Modern” games and sports

Descriptive table of different sports

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Ancient games - Vintage Nostalgia
Ancient games

Illustration, ancient Greek and Romans sports and games

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Electric arc lamp - Vintage Nostalgia
Electric arc lamp

Electric arc lamp with inductive regulator

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Steam locomobile - Vintage Nostalgia
Steam locomobile

Steam powered “locomobile”, grand-grand-grandpa of today’s cars

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Wind mill energy plants - Vintage Nostalgia
Wind mill energy plants

Wind mill energy for a farm and an industrial establishment

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Water mill wheel - Vintage Nostalgia
Water mill wheel

Energy from water, water mill wheel

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Battery – Daniell cell –  section and working asset - Vintage Nostalgia
Battery – Daniell cell – section and working asset

Middle ‘800 battery: an electric cell that produces electricity from a chemical reaction. The first battery was invented by Alessandro Volta in 1800 and then improved by Daniell in 1836

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Projection microscope - Vintage Nostalgia
Projection microscope

Illustration from middle ‘800: the “photoelectrique” in the original should not be misunderstood: in those times it meant just ‘based on electrically generated light’. The ‘real’ photoelectric effect was still below the horizon.

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Vintage engraving, electric pump - Vintage Nostalgia
Vintage engraving, electric pump

Vintage engraving middle ‘800, one of the first pump for fluids moved by electromagnetism.

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