Chemistry: Oxyhydrogen blower. - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry: Oxyhydrogen blower.

Oxyhydrogen is mixture of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). If a stream of air is blown through a Oxyhydrogen flame, the fuel- air mixing is enhanced and the jet exiting the flame is intensely hot.

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Old chemistry: hydrogen lighter - Vintage Nostalgia
Old chemistry: hydrogen lighter

One of the first lighters was invented by the German chemist J. W. Doebereiner in 1823. This lighter worked by a reaction of hydrogen to a platinum sponge (acting as a catalyst), with of a great amount of heat being … Continued

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Chemistry experiment: hydrogen is inflammable - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry experiment: hydrogen is inflammable

Hydrogen is buoyant in air and the hydrogen flames tend to ascend rapidly. The Graf von Zeppelin learned it the hard way.

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