Cultivation of music in XV century - Vintage Nostalgia
Cultivation of music in XV century

The late (1893) reproduction of an original woodcut by Hans Burgkmair (1473-1531) depicting the cultivation of music in a rather improbable but fascinating form.

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Early airplanes collection - Vintage Nostalgia
Early airplanes collection

Antique aircrafts, early aviation history

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Swimming lessons - Vintage Nostalgia
Swimming lessons

Swimming techniques, how to swim, different styles

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Historic telephones - Vintage Nostalgia
Historic telephones

Early telephones, communication equipment and accessories

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The telegraph and its ancestors - Vintage Nostalgia
The telegraph and its ancestors

Telegraph history and “modern” achievements

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“Modern” games and sports - Vintage Nostalgia
“Modern” games and sports

Descriptive table of different sports

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Ancient games - Vintage Nostalgia
Ancient games

Illustration, ancient Greek and Romans sports and games

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