Chemistry: how to obtain hydrogen at room temperature - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry: how to obtain hydrogen at room temperature

An easy way to obtain hydrogen at room temperature. Bits of zinc were put on the bottom of a bottle; an 1:8 sulphuric acid solution was poured through the primary neck thus binding the water oxygen as zinc oxide, and … Continued

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Chemical composition of water - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemical composition of water

Why make it simple when complicated is funnier? This contraption was meant to prove the exact chemical composition of water. In the two bottles on the left hydrogen was produced by oxidizing the zinc bits on the bottom of bottle … Continued

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Chemistry:  producing detonating gas - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry: producing detonating gas

Producing oxyhydrogen, the detonating gas. The external cylinder was filled with acidulated water (H2SO4). In the internal cylinder the current flowing through the platinum electrodes dissociated the surrounding water in hydrogen and oxygen, that were collected together by the tiny … Continued

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