Chemistry: vapor density determination - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry: vapor density determination

Lab equipment for vapor density determination. Vapor density is the density of a vapour in relation to that of hydrogen. It may be defined as mass of a certain volume of a substance divided by mass of same volume of … Continued

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Chemistry:  obtain hydrogen by dissociating water - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemistry: obtain hydrogen by dissociating water

A device to obtain hydrogen by dissociating water over glowing iron: the hot iron used the water oxygen to form an iron oxyde thus leaving the hydrogen free. An iron pipe filled with iron shavings was heated up in a … Continued

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Chemical composition of water - Vintage Nostalgia
Chemical composition of water

Why make it simple when complicated is funnier? This contraption was meant to prove the exact chemical composition of water. In the two bottles on the left hydrogen was produced by oxidizing the zinc bits on the bottom of bottle … Continued

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