Ancient camera with bellows and shutter - Vintage Nostalgia
Ancient camera with bellows and shutter

Early bellows camera, with additional bellows and shutter

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Early telephone - Vintage Nostalgia
Early telephone

Antique wall phone with integral handset (combined loudspeaker and microphone)

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Old deep sea diver gear - Vintage Nostalgia
Old deep sea diver gear

Ancient deep sea diver gear with windowed helmet

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Lighthouse and projector - Vintage Nostalgia
Lighthouse and projector

Lighthouse structure and projector lamp with Fresnel lens

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Navigation equipment, compass and sextant - Vintage Nostalgia
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Electric arc lamp - Vintage Nostalgia
Electric arc lamp

Electric arc lamp with inductive regulator

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Tricycle and bike. - Vintage Nostalgia
Tricycle and bike.

XIX century tricycle and bikes, both for adults

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Steam locomobile - Vintage Nostalgia
Steam locomobile

Steam powered “locomobile”, grand-grand-grandpa of today’s cars

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Wind mill energy plants - Vintage Nostalgia
Wind mill energy plants

Wind mill energy for a farm and an industrial establishment

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Water mill wheel - Vintage Nostalgia
Water mill wheel

Energy from water, water mill wheel

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Stitchwork: practical examples of technique - Vintage Nostalgia
Stitchwork: practical examples of technique

Needlework and embroidery: some examples of domestic artworks

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Mending cloths: some techniques - Vintage Nostalgia
Mending cloths: some techniques

Mending a tear with stitchwork: rebuilding the fabric with needle, thread and plenty of patience

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