a new vintage nostalgia section of photos and images with a special flavor: still life pictures like the old paintings, antique Venetian masks, photos elaborated in romantic watercolors and more to discover.
Bric-à-brac memories
Chiaroscuro Still life
Digital Watercolors
Golden backgrounds with Venetian masks
Venetian masks

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Some images from our collections

Paris 1841 fashion: two young ladies fancy dressed ready to go outside with ermine,…

Vintage illustration, Wood- or coal stove with proper ventpipe (and heavy-duty smoker…

Evening in famous Coffee house Richter in Leipzig, Germany, interior year 1800

Common foxglove or purple foxglove is a flowering plant with stems of…

The crested porcupine (Hystrix cristata) is a species of rodent in the…

Miniature from medieval gospel book ende X century with Latin inscriptions

Engraving depicting a scenic landscape of Italian Apennines

Sea devil monster of Adriatic sea, medieval engraving,…

Year 1546, Peasants celebrate a fest dancing and playing Several festivals took…

Alexander the Great in battle with dragons and other fantastic animals, after…