Italian lexicon illustrated tables

Let me introduce you to a ‘new’ rare set:

completely refurbished and framed with a new page style and art deco titles.
For a start you find 54 tables of several contents: the games in the antiquity, a brief history of the art of making wine, the sail plan of a three masts frigate… and many more yet to come!

The dictionary in question was collecting dust on a bookshelf after having belonged to my granny and probably bought by her parents. It was a real pity to leave it there without anyone remembering how fascinating were the old images inside.

I faced the problem to leave or not the Italian captions on the tables. I took a Solomon-like decision: where the content was self-explanatory I’ve put only an English title (as for instance Gymnastic, First aid, Enology…). On the other tables I’ve decided to leave the Italian captions, descriptions and titles (e.g. I found useful and interesting to leave for the Italian traditional masks their Italian names and their town of origin)
I hope you enjoy this rediscovered treasure, please have a look: