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Chemistry, heat dilates air

Heating a glassball tube, air expands out of it as bubbles through water
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Typography, two Renaissance decorative borders

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Graphic divertissement as engraving application :

Genuine 100 yeti bill 😉

Precious bill from an imaginary country, fantasy currency
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Some images from our collections

Symbolic description of book content about house and garden

Girl game: blindfold breaking the bonbons bag

Vintage engraving of Bonn Minster, Roman Catholic church in Bonn – Germany…

Ancient Egypt: statue of Khafre in diorite at Valley Temple of Khafra,…

Inhalation equipment, vintage illustration

Vintage engraving of polypodium vulgare or common polypody, fern growing in shaded…

Vintage plan of St. Petersburg as a fortress at the mouth of…

Two knights at the tournament: copy from the Tournament book” by Hans…”

Two knights with orange saddlecloth at the tournament: copy from the Tournament…”

early manual stencil duplicator or mimeograph, vintage engraving