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Luisa Fumi

Web Design, Digital Art & Stock Images

Angerlweg 6 – 85748
Garching bei Muenchen
tel.+49 89 32988188
Steuernummer 147/126/80300
USt-IdNr: DE305676262


Some images from our collections

Vintage engraving of golden coins of the Celts in iron age

Engraving portrait of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, Hungary,Croatia,…

Gentiana lutea or yellow gentian is an alpine flowering plant with intense…

Vintage engraving of ligustrum vulgare or wild privet shrub with white creamy…

Two knights with red saddlecloth at the tournament: copy from the Tournament…”

Girls game in the garden: in circle tourning a saucer

XIX century French illustration of rubber vulcanization machine to convert rubber in…

Health establishment Bilz sanatorium end ‘800 advertising

The Maid of Orleans, vintage engraving: portrait of Joan of Arc heroine…

Peasant with wife and child horseback going to the market to offer…